Mark Flournoy

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Groundwater; hydrogeology; contaminant transport in groundwater; groundwater/surface water interactions; groundwater vulnerability
Research Interests:
Dr. Robin’s research interests: (1) solute transport in the groundwater when the ground is heterogeneous and when groundwater flow changes; (2) field studies of surface water/groundwater interactions along rivers in Eastern Ontario; (3) modeling of basin-scale hydrogeologic system using water budget approaches; (4) estimation of groundwater vulnerability.
Selected publications:

1. Chabot, N., Moreau, S., Mulani, A., Moreau, P., Keillor, J.W. Fluorescent probes of tissue transglutaminase reveal its association with arterial stiffening. Chem. & Biol., 17, 1143-1150, 2010
2. Guy, J., Castonguay, R., Campos-Reales Pi