Working with the full range of human communication and its disorders, speech-language pathologists evaluate and diagnose speech, language, cognitive-communication and swallowing disorders in individuals of all ages, from infants to the elderly. The Speech & Language Pathologist evaluates and treats children and adults with speech and language problems. These problems are varied but frequently include difficulty with pronouncing words, comprehending and expressing language, stuttering and aphasia (language impairment following a stroke). They develop appropriate treatment goals and activities related to the specific needs of clients, and to identify equipment or materials that would be used in treatment of patients.

The practice of speech-language pathology includes prevention, diagnosis, habilitation, and rehabilitation of communication, swallowing and other upper aero-digestive disorders. It also entails elective modification of communication behaviors; and enhancement of communication.

Throughout the world Speech and Language Pathologist are actively engaged in research to enhance knowledge about human communication processes. They supervise and direct public school or clinical programs and assist in developing new methods and products to evaluate and treat speech-language disorders.

Associated Department at Fatima Memorial Hospital

The ENT and Speech & Language Pathology Department at FMH, along with the complete setup of Hamza Foundation Academy for the Deaf, provides clinical training to the students of this course.

Department of Oto-rhino-laryngology (E.N.T.) was established at the Fatima Memorial Hospital in 2000 and is undergoing rapid expansion. This department is equipped with the latest instruments and equipment, including all kinds of endoscopes, fess microscopes for ear, micro laryngeal surgery instruments and audiometry units.

The purposefully built Department of Speech & Language Pathology is one of its kinds in Pakistan. It is providing services to children and adults. Equipped with the latest technology, the cubicles in the dept provide an optimum structured environment to practice speech skills. The Department is headed by Consultant Speech Language Therapists. He is assisted by Senior Speech Therapists and Assistant Speech Therapists. The services are provided both in groups and on individual basis.

The Speech & Language Pathology Department is fully equipped with the educational gadgets and has sound proofed walls. Latest technologies like F.M. System, Infra-Red System, Speech Assessment & Evaluation Software are used for a smooth learning of new speech & language skills. The Speech Therapy Department is supported by a Professional Audiology Department at FMH that provides audio logical assessment, dispension & fitting of hearing aids, and sales/service of hearing aids.