Medical Imaging Technologist, Medical Radiological Technologist / Scientist (nomenclature varies from place to place yet nature of job/responsibility remains the same) is the only recognized expert in broad range of the production of medical diagnostic images with the use of ionizing or non-ionizing radiations. Radiological Technologists / Scientist organize many of the procedures, which are undertaken in Radiology/Medical Imaging Departments. They execute radiographic procedures, such as CT Scans, MRIs, Angiography, General Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and mammography. Additionally they must know how to perform emergency procedures using Radiographic Units, monitor, patients’ vital signs, perform surgical asepsis, and more.

Associated Department at Fatima Memorial Hospital

The Radiology Department with all associated Imaging Facilities is attached with this program for Clinical Training. This department possesses modern, high-tech equipment to boost diagnostic capacity in all clinical disciplines of the hospital and also provides service to the city of Lahore as well as adjoining cities in Punjab. Services provided by the Department of Radiology include, X-Ray, 4D Ultrasound, Mammography, Doppler Ultrasound, CT Scan & Fluoroscopy etc.