The aim of the 4 year degree program is to equip the students with relevant professional knowledge, skills, techniques and ethical values to enable them to apply their acquired expertise at a level between the doctor and patient for efficient oral health service delivery.

An Overview

Dental technologists are regulated health care professionals and are the members of the dental health team who work in laboratories for fabrication and repair of dental appliances. Dental Technicians are healthcare professionals whose scope of work includes the design, construction, repair or alteration of oral/dental prosthesis used in fixed and removable prosthodontics, maxillofacial prosthodontics, orthodontics and surgical appliances. The dental technologists autonomously perform the full scope of dental technology practice and supervise the technical aspects of dental laboratory operation, thus ensuring cost-effectiveness, quality and longevity of the prostheses.

The dentists send the impressions, along with the prescription to the laboratory, where the design and/or fabrication, repair of the prescribed prosthesis takes place. Although working in separate locations, dental technologists and dentists work closely together as a team. Dentists rely on dental technologists’ professional judgment in the filling of prescriptions, including: assessing and interpreting prescriptions; consulting jointly for consideration of any changes that are beneficial to the patient; determining the shape and contours, material and methods of production.

The Dental technology course is highly innovative and would render expertise and knowledge in the Exposure Control Techniques of various appliances i.e. Fixed and removable denture design, porcelain laminate veneers, orthodontic and surgical appliances. Face Bow transfers and Articulators of choice, Static and Functional Occlusion. This course also ensures Effective Liaisons, Communication Skills and Financial Management of Dental Laboratories while interacting with Dental Professionals