Graduation ceremony of the 1st session of HCA at FMH

Fatima Memorial Hospital held the graduation ceremony of the first session of the home healthcare assistant program at the General Attique-ur-Rehman auditorium. The six month training program was conducted by Saida Waheed FMH College of Nursing which also included clinical practice at Fatima Memorial Hospital.
The home healthcare assistant program is developed for males who will be working in a home health care setting and serving those who need assistance on a long term basis due to the nature of their illness such as paralysis, recuperation from accidents et al. At the end of the training the home healthcare assistant would be able to look after all the needs of a patient.
This program was developed after realizing the lack of skilled aides who can provide basic emotional and physical help to patients in the health/home care settings. Home healthcare assistants will provide help to the patients with personal, physical mobility and therapeutic care needs.
There are various situations when family members are not able to take care of male patients and they need such aides for example it’s an all-female household, the family members work etc. These home healthcare assistant have been trained to fill that gap that is present in society today.
The home healthcare assistant program will also serve as an opportunity for source of income so these students can support themselves and their families. Currently, the initiation of the second batch of students is taking place and this program is only possible through the donation of generous personality who wanted to give back to his community and society at large.

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