MLT graduates can explore their career avenues in the following cadres:

Public and Private Sector Clinical Laboratories and Hospitals
The graduate can get a job in the Public, Private sector Hospitals, single or chain of clinical laboratories.
The Government offers BS-17 for Medical Technologists through PCS exam.

Teaching Cadre
A Medical Technologist after graduation may apply for Demonstrator in AHS teaching institution. As per Government of Punjab rules, He/She may be promoted as Asst. Prof, Assoc. Prof. and Professor in their field on the basis of their improved education and experience.

Sales, Services and marketing in diagnostic companies
Many National and Multi-National diagnostic companies appoint Medical Technologists at high salaries for Sales, services and Marketing of their Lab related products.

Research Work
A Medical Technologist can also work as Research Officer in their field as he/she is well experienced in research methodologies during final year of course.